.Net Training

.NET Framework developed by Microsoft is an integral part for most of the primary applications running on Windows. .NET with its consistent and wide-ranging programming model, created a technological insurrection in recent years. Applications built using .NET has the ability to induce the user with visually superb experiences along with ideal and secured communication system.

Silverwing Technologies, we provide a low cost and affordable sequence of excellent and high quality DOT NET Training in Ahmedabad, Gujarat in India. We have a team of highly skilled .NET professionals to provide you in .Net. The program can be customized as per individual's need.


  1. Overview of ADO .NET
  2. Connection and Command Object
  3. Data Readers
  1. Data sets & Adapters
  2. Connecting to Database using Data Adapter
  3. Data Binding, Filtering and Sorting


  1. Introduction to .Net Framework & OOPS concepts
  2. C# Programming fundamentals
  3. Provisional and Repetition statements
  4. Introduction to classes - object creation - Methods - Constructors - Garbage Collection - Destructor - This keyword
  5. Arrays
  6. Overloading and overriding operators
  7. Structs and Namespace : Inheritance - Abstract classes and Interface - Nested classes - structs - Namespace
  8. Delegates and Events : Declaration and Instantiation
  9. Creating Window based application
  10. File System and Streams
  11. Exception handling


  1. Introduction to ASP
  2. Net : ASP .Net and its use - Internet Information Server - Namespaces - .Net Framework Classes
  3. Web Forms And Control
  4. Web control Class
  5. Creating Web Form Application
  6. Handling images
  7. Navigation between pages
  8. Managing Server Controls
  9. Server control events
  10. HTML and Data Controls
  11. Validation Control
  12. Master Pages & Themes
  13. Web Services
  14. XML Web Services
  15. Creating Web services & Setting Web Service Attribute
  16. Execution of Web service created
  17. Web Service in Client and Server end
  18. Uploading Files: Using File Upload Control
  19. Setting the location and file name
  20. Uploading the file – Defining the type and size of file
  21. Security membership and roles
  22. Deployment