PHP Training

We provides a highly helpful and friendly environment to smooth the process of learning Silverwing Technologies which is a well-esteemed training institute that runs Training program and live project trainings for students on Technologies viz. .NET(Dot Net) ,PHP, SEO, Website Designing, Internet marketing etc.

Silverwing Technologies, provides training program MCA, BCA, BSC IT, MSC IT and BE Student the Summer Internship program with its most updated and relevant courses.

PHP Syllabus:

  1. Fundamentals of PHP Development
  2. Various Data Types
  3. Advanced PHP Functions
  4. Classes
  5. Objects
  6. Advanced OOPS in PHP
  7. Various Database concepts
  8. Cookies and Session Management
  9. How to work with forms and system file
  10. Error Handling
  11. Secure PHP Programming
  12. Performance Optimization of PHP Applications
  13. Debugger
  14. Model View Controller (MVC)
  15. AJAX
  16. Joomla
  17. Magento
  18. Wordpress

MYSQL Syllabus:

  1. Introduction to MYSQL
  2. File systems and databases
  3. Relational database Models
  4. SQL
  5. Entity Relationship modeling
  6. Normalization of database tables
  7. Database design
  8. Transaction Management and Concurrency
  9. Distribution Database Management System
  10. Database in e-commerce
  11. Data Warehouse
  12. Data Base Administration