Sales Force Development with Silverwing Technologies

Vision of sales force reinventing Customer Relationship Management (CRM). Since then our pioneering use of cloud computing has revolutionised the way enterprise software is delivered and used, changing the industry forever.

Salesforce products have run entirely in the cloud. That means it's all online - no software, no hardware. There are no expensive setup costs, no maintenance, your employees can work from any device with an internet connection - smartphone, tablet or laptop - and with 3 free upgrades every year it is ideal for small businesses and large enterprises alike.

Sales Force Platform

  1. Sales Cloud.
  2. Analytics Cloud.
  3. Service Cloud.
  1. Marketing Cloud.
  2. Community Cloud.
  3. App Cloud.

Why choose Sales Cloud?

  1. Close more deals.
  2. Get better leads.
  3. Nurture prospects more effectively.
  4. Collaborate across teams.
  5. Work from any connected device - desktop, tablet or smartphone.

Why choose Marketing Cloud?

  1. Understand which communications are working - and which aren't.
  2. Analyse customer interactions in real time.
  3. Deliver immediate, personalised and targeted campaigns.
  4. Make the most of every interaction with your customers.
  5. Get a clear picture of ROI for every marketing effort.

Why choose Analytics Cloud?

  1. Build your own analytics apps tailored to your business.
  2. Use simple drag-and-drop tools to build complex queries.
  3. Create custom dashboards for instant snapshots of key performance metrics.
  4. Securely deliver any data, from any source, via a 100% native Salesforce cloud service.
  5. Navigate any data set from any device with true cross-platform availability.

Why choose Community Cloud?

  1. Build and track self-service customer communities.
  2. Connect directly with resellers, distributors and partners.
  3. Harness the power of social and mobile to transform productivity.
  4. Accelerate channel sales.
  5. Connect product teams with direct feedback.

Why choose Service Cloud?

  1. Respond more quickly for improved customer satisfaction.
  2. Deliver complete multi-channel support - follow a case across social media, email, telephone and more.
  3. Give personalised service based on customer contact history.
  4. Target, measure and improve key call centre metrics.
  5. Increase customer loyalty, retention and satisfaction.

Why choose App Cloud?

  1. Connect devices, apps and customer data in a single platform.
  2. Build the next generation of apps with complete, open APIs.
  3. Deploy apps and updates across the enterprise with a single click.
  4. Scale effortlessly with cloud-based development and rollout.
  5. Respond instantly to business needs without additional infrastructure.